Makeup Tips: Today’s client is Nate Mendel, you might know him from the Foo Fighters or many of his other projects. Nate Mendel asked for more of a dramatic look so I gave him more of a glamorous disney princesses look. Nate LOVES his hair and he’s never been happier, he didn’t even judge at all. What I did was add a quick weave, he has really nappy edges and his hair was receding in the front. Which was completely PERFECT for me, I gave him some hair cleansing and some moisturizer on his edges and they are slowly growing back. Giving Nate a makeover was really fun and he was open to trying new things. Here’s some advice for the day: Before you go to sleep make sure you clean your face with a clean rag, and also drink 8 ounces of water to keep the weight down and the food you ate earlier down. This whole makeover costed $40 dollars, that’s cheap compared to what the other beauticians are charging. This is makeovers on a dime, anyone can look this fabulous.

Lip Stick: Flirt! Chickstick

 Client: Nate Mendel

Weave/Extensions: Saga Remy

Makeup Tips: Today’s client is Dave Grohl, you might know him from the Foo Fighters or most of you know him from when he was in the band Nirvana. He asked me for a simple look so i gave him some extensions and some pale makeup. You don’t have to go over board to look beautiful. He looks amazing with the pale makeup and beautiful dark brown hair. I exfoliated his skin in honey, eggs, and mayo. Its also good for shampoo and a quick perm for those with nappy edges. Dave LOVES his look as well. Whenever applying makeup, always wash your face with a Noxzema pad or with a clean towel. These are everyday fixes to a beautiful life, you can look glamorous on a dime. This look is a different look for Dave but it is a very classy look.

Lip Stick: Flirt! Chickstick Smooth & Shiny Lipcolor

Client: Dave Grohl

Weave/Extensions: Milkyway Saga

Makeup Tips: When dealing with a person who has very tanned skin but naturally pale, I tend to go with a dark lipstick or a gloss for those allergic. For the skin I go with a color a bit darker than the clients skin color to make their skin glow. For The hair I put extensions in and curled his hair. Sleep in a wave cap and exfoliate your skin every single night. See the differences in the makeovers? Christina looks WONDERFUL.